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Ace Of Spades HQ
Ace Of Spades HQ
29 Apr 2023

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Sunflower, or dog?

Good afternoon and welcome to the almost world famous Ace of Spades Pet Thread. Thanks for stopping by. Kick back and enjoy the world of animals.

Would you like a treat?

Let's relax a little with the animals and leave the world of politics and current events outside today.

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Thought I'd better send along a photo of my doggo, before it's a 'memorial' photo, IYKWIM.

This is Edie, my 17 year, 7 month old chiwa. Doesn't see too well, hears only loud sharp noises (sneezes rock her world), and the back legs aren't functioning like they used to. Sweet as sugar, stubborn as the day is long. Love her to bits.

I post, rarely, as Best Thief in Lankhmar

Awww, a dog who has been loved. We can tell . . .

From Peaches:

Hi, K.T.! Great pet thread this week, but the lack of feline participation reminded me that I've had this pic for 4 months and have kept meaning to send it. This is Zoey, aka the Pudgy Princess.

On 11/4/2008, Barack Obama was elected president. I spent the next day crying, uncontrollably, I just could not stop. The following day, Thursday, I girded my loins and ran out to do some errands, groceries, etc. When I got home, my big floofy robust only-8-years-old Henry, who I had brought home to CA from a work trip to Ohio, was dead on the floor. Heartbreak. Two days later I started searching for a tabby kitten. The amazing Lange Foundation had four - The Banger Sisters (movie reference). I took the shyest one and I knew she would be my last kitten joy - my two remaining life goals are to outlive her and not outlive my money. She had asthma, which is a very horrible thing to watch in a kitten but we've managed it very well over the years and she has saved me from total isolation since the wuflu hit.

We're both old now but she's still as pretty as she ever was (not remotely so in my case, lol!). Sorry it's Christmasy but if you are looking for some feline input, feel free to edit at will.

xoxo from Peaches and Baby Zoey.

We take Christmasy photos even in April. Baby Zoey looks like a wonderful cat, and the Christmas lights are complimentary.

MadisonTheCat, legs in casts 4 years ago. The look on her face says 'Can't you see I'm using the bathroom!'

And today with her sister Pepper dog.


Great photos! Madison and Pepper look like they get along! And in the first one, I can imagine that Madison was quite uncomfortable. Glad she recovered so nicely.

Hi from gp!

Digging through old albums. Here's The Boat, the only male in The Marmalade Gang (the gang that couldn't poop straight.) Pic was taken Aug 2008 at age 8. He was very sweet and gentle, and a music lover. The Boat would dock between my legs as I reclined watching movies.


Thank you for sharing your great memories and the photo of Boat, a great cat! And an an explorer, by the looks of the photo.

Hi K.T.,

Back again. My Ace of Spades handle is "Levin".

Attached are a couple of pictures of Lucy (one with snowballs). She and I were inseparable.

I got her as a six-week old mini-Australian Shepherd puppy after I had
divorced and moved into a small home home in central New Hampshire.

Quite the character, she loved riding around with me in the jeep.

Once she saw some ducks crossing a street and she leaped from
the passenger side over my lap as I was driving through the driver
window onto the road. She was slightly banged up but okay.

I eventually got remarried to a dog lover, so her last six years she had
two doting adults.

Lucy's devotion and loyalty to me was on a level I never experienced.

When my mother died in Guatemala, I left for Central America for about
ten days in mid winter. When I got back, the wife told me that Lucy sat
at the fence in terrible winter weather every night for hours until 11 PM,
hoping to see me and my jeep drive down the road.

That kind of love only exists with dogs.

The snowball photo reminds me of Lucy waiting for you in winter . . .

What great memories of a great dog. Thanks for sharing.

What a wonderful collection of pet stories today. Thank you each and everyone for sharing your pets with us.

If you would like to send pet and/or animal stories, links, etc. for the Ace of Spades Pet Thread, the address is:

petmorons at protonmail dot com

Remember to include the nic by which you wish to be known when you comment at AoSHQ, or let us know if you want to remain a lurker.

Until next Saturday, have a great week!

If you start feeling nostalgic, here a link to last week's Pet Thread, the Ace of Spades Pet Thread, April 22. Baby turkey, elephants.

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