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Itxu Díaz

NextImg:The Left Wants to Build a Climate Wall in Washington

Nate Loewentheil has written a guest essay in the New York Times. He proposes something quite amusing: to build a wall of climate shame. A towering wall on a Washington lot. A marble wall, perhaps. A wall engraved with the names, in giant letters, of those public figures who deny the existence of climate change. 

The idea is a good one. Hitler would be proud. He intends to pay for it with donations, but I’m sure Nate wouldn’t mind building it on the taxpayers’ dime. When it comes to saving the planet, who cares about money? 

The best part of the project is that Nate doesn’t propose to hang those he calls “deniers” from the wall by their thumbs. That’s good. It’s important that there be no blood, only public scorn. This is also done by the Islamic state when it hangs sharia non-compliers on crosses at the entrance to the city so that everyone else can insult, spit, and do whatever else those boys do in their practice of the religion of peace.

Nate is extremely annoyed that people don’t believe that climate change is the apocalypse and proposes to chastise them. Nate deftly avoids saying that climate change, as such, is denied by almost no one. Climate has always fluctuated, even before Nate discovered it. What most of us deny (and very much so) is that man’s actions have any impact on climate. When we say man, we could say cow too. As you know, the new goal of the climate Left is to ruin livestock and agriculture. And, of course, Nate also hates those of us who don’t think it would do any good to turn the West into the Third World, as leftist green politicians would have us do, while the rest of the planet continues to make money and pollute like there’s no tomorrow.

Nate’s proposal brings together everything I abhor about the postmodern Left: the moral superiority, the condescension, the manipulation, the tutelage, the use of state power as a tool of extortion, the stupidity, the apocalyptic tone, and the earnestness. 

He believes that building a climate wall will put an end to dissidents who still think for themselves. The idea couldn’t be more ridiculous. If you want some advice, Nate, stick that wall on the damn border and inscribe on it the names of the incompetent politicians who have created this immigration chaos. 

I make a habit out of not doubting the good will behind proposals from Green Progressives. This one is no exception. I am convinced that Nate wants to stop Al Gore’s fake bears from drowning in the ocean. In fact, I’m so confident in his (and the New York Times’) righteous intentions that I’m not even going to mention that the guy is the founder and managing partner of a venture capital firm focused on clean energy. It is, in short, a minor detail that adds nothing of context to his architectural plans.

Translated by Joel Dalmau.

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