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Thaddeus G. McCotter

NextImg:The WEColluding for a World-wide Welfare State

One should never underestimate the Left’s propensity for projecting its sins upon its victims; nor, when the Left does manage to admit the destructive effects of their regressive ideology, to proclaim these disastrous consequences as fundamental transformational and “liberation.” To avoid such a fraught misunderstanding, one must ever remember the Left perverts the purported rationale of every entity captured in their “long march” through the institutions.

To wit: The World Economic Forum (WEF).

One would think an organization comprised of the uber rich global elitists would be assiduously focused on increasing wealth. The rationale would be their own greed; and the need to spread wealth to meet rising global expectations of material prosperity that, as history shows, when unmet lead to revolutions – revolutions which confiscate the wealth of the rich and often their lives. Yet, to spread material wealth is rarely the goal of the rich. Their goal is to amass wealth; then, having amassed it, to protect it from the masses. However, in a contradiction Karl Marx would appreciate, in spreading their wealth to increase the masses’ material prosperity, they will also be increasing the masses’ expectations. In an age of instantaneous global communication among the masses, these expectations will rapidly and exponentially rise. There is every reason to believe they will not be met; and revolutions and/or chaos will ensue as the masses demand their “equitable” share of prosperity.

Thus, for the WEF, what to do if one doesn’t necessarily want to share their pile to spread the wealth and only exacerbate rising expectations among the masses that can’t be met; and, when unmet, spur nothing good for rich elitists?

For the first time in human history, the goal is not to increase material prosperity but to cap and curtail it. By making diminished expectations a virtue, the WEF hopes to coercively redistribute other people’s wealth to manage mass expectations, prevent governmental confiscations and preclude revolutions. In sum, the WEF goal is not creation of prosperity, but the management of scarcity. In this, they have found a willing partner in the apocalyptic climate cult, which is more than happy to scare and coerce people into latching onto their mutual, radical, socialist agenda.

But, one may ask, how can the ostensible “titans” of capitalism become strange bedfellows with socialist environmentalists? Because both want to control you for their own purposes; and, for now, those purposes coincide. One need look no further for proof than the ESG movement among multinational corporations. Someday, likely sooner rather than later, when these two colluders’ interests no longer mesh, it will be interesting to see which side is the rider and which is the tiger.

The first goal of the collusion between the WEF and the apocalyptic climate cult is to convince the upper and middle classes of the wealthiest industrialized nations that diminished expectations are virtuous. It is done by indoctrinating these classes with the belief they are an elite born to impose the radical, extreme, and dangerous agenda of “less is more.” Initially, given their wealth and status (often inherited), they will feel immune to the policies they impose; and, when they do, the sacrifice will feel small in relation to the external validation they receive among their class for their “virtue.” Only later will the full deleterious impacts of the bait and switch of the “less is more” agenda become clear to the privileged of the industrialized nations; and by then it will be too late.

This is the second goal of the unholy alliance of the WEF and the apocalyptic climate cult: the redistribution of the industrialized countries’ citizens’ wealth to the poor of less industrialized countries. The group’s name is the World Economic Forum, after all; and the climate cult is out to save the planet not Peoria. This redistribution is requisite to preventing more “Arab Spring” popular uprisings amongst the poorer nations, lest they give the poor populations of the industrialized nations ideas. The poorer nations’ leaders are brought on board by the redistributions of the richer nations’ wealth, because it will flow to their hands first; and then be allocated as these leaders see fit to their impoverished people.

The bitter fruit of the WEF and the apocalyptic climate cult’s zero-sum agenda of scarcity and autocracy? A world-wide welfare state where richer nations are compelled to redistribute wealth to poorer nations; but in amounts sufficient not to encourage poor populations’ rising expectations, but only to foster their dependency.

Sure, there will be those who dispute this. First, however, I would ask them to ponder the following: During my youth in the mid-1980s, I well recall Live Aid, where musicians combined to hold a fundraising concert to provide food to starving Ethiopians. There were songs, “Do They Know It’s Christmas” by Band Aid, and “We Are the World” by USA for Africa, as well as an album to provide further assistance to the hungry of Africa. There is even a remake of the Christmas song by Band Aid 30, released in 2014. It was a noble cause, recognizing that hunger is a political problem; and one that the creation of more food and its unfettered, humane distribution can ameliorate. Today, however, the EU supports farmland eradication to prevent climate change. If one wonders how the elites can promote and impose this policy to reduce the amount of food available in world where hunger has not been eradicated, one should acquaint themselves with the works of Thomas Robert Malthus.

As for the aforementioned Leftist propensity to survey the disastrous consequences of their policies and proclaim them virtuous victories as they erect a world-wide welfare state of soul crushing dependency and serfdom for the masses, I suggest one acquaints themselves with The New York Times’ reporter Walter Duranty’s deceitful and despicable articles claiming there was no Holodomor famine in the “workers’ paradise” that was Stalin’s famine-ravished Ukraine – though, a warning: don’t hold your breath until the Pultizer Prize Board revokes his award.