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American Thinker
American Thinker
1 Jul 2023
Andrea Widburg

NextImg:VIDEO: A dad masterfully schools his local government about transgenderism

Since 2008, Democrats have had the wind at their backs. Trump was a temporary roadblock, but they dealt with him thanks to Vichy Republicans, a corrupt administrative state, and a rigged election. Now that they’re back in charge, Democrats are doubling down on the tactic they think will best serve them by bringing young people to their side: sex. What Democrats hadn’t counted on was parents striking back, as one father did in a brilliant statement before what seems to be the Peoria school board.

Thirteen years ago, writing under my then-nom de cyber of Bookworm, I explained how important sex is to a modern totalitarian government:

What's interesting is that, because the Left expresses itself in terms of "freeing" people's sexuality, many people miss the fact that it is every bit as sexually controlling in its own way as Islam is. This control comes about because the Left works assiduously to decouple sex from a person's own sense of bodily privacy and, by extension, self-ownership. If a person has no sense of autonomy, that person is a ready-made cog for the statist machinery. 

The practical problem for the Left when it tries to attack individuality as expressed through sexuality is the fact that a person's sense of an inviolate physical self develops quite early, during childhood:

Once a child individuates, he becomes aware of being his own self. ... The most basic thing one can own is one's own self, and not letting others touch that self in ways you don't like is an exercise in self-ownership. (Emphasis mine.)

The Left, therefore, needs to decouple self and body as early as possible in a person's development -- and it does this by bringing its own peculiar notions of sexuality into the realms of child-rearing and education.

Image: Father speaks out against transgenderism (edited). Twitter screen grab.

The leading edge of the sexual spear is so-called “transgenderism.” The combined assault on the body and brain destroys children’s relationships with their physical being, turns them against their families, and makes them dependent on the government for lifelong healthcare. The left has long understood this dynamic but, at long last, parents are beginning to figure this out.

What the left didn’t realize when it followed through on its long history of targeting children to coopt them into the movement (see, e.g., what happened in Germany) is that parents have a completely atavistic instinct to protect their children. This instinct is coupled with an emotional bond present in all parent/child relationships. If parents haven’t already been warped by the left, they will do everything possible to protect their children’s mental and physical health.

This father, who may have been speaking at a Peoria, Illinois, town council or school board meeting, offers a master class on how parents can and should fight back against the left’s targeting of their children:

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(Hat tip: Not the Bee)

Before a couple of months ago, Tucker Carlson would have tracked this guy down, put him on his show and, perhaps, gotten him started on a political career that saw him pushing back against the encroaching leftist state. Heck, maybe Tucker still will. All I know, though, is that we need to make sure this father’s voice is heard and that we magnify it with our own: factual, powerful, and polite, these voices are a loud claxon warning all parents about what’s coming for their kids.