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American Thinker
American Thinker
1 Jul 2023
Andrea Widburg

NextImg:The Border Patrol Union gives voice to agents dealing with the Biden agenda

As part of the Democrats’ plan to turn America’s existing population into a minority and replace it, instead, with compliant foreigners who don’t speak English, are often illiterate in their own tongue, know nothing of American values, and are used to oppressive, dysfunction government, Biden has erased America’s southern border. He can do that because Democrats control the DOJ, and Congress is controlled by Democrats and Vichy Republicans. A video of border patrol agents releasing illegal aliens into the country triggered an email response from the border agents’ union highlighting the bind in which the border patrol agents, who are conservatives, find themselves.

This cycle started with footage that someone sent Bill Melugin showing federal border patrol agents cutting razor wire on private property to let into America a group of illegal aliens.

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The official position from U.S. Customs and Border Protection is that the illegal aliens were subject to U.S. immigration laws because they were on American soil:

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In other words, once they make it to America, we’ll process them so they can vanish into America, never to be seen again until it’s time to use them to achieve Democrats’ political goals. The agency’s mealy-mouthed justification for illegal conduct is what we’ve come to expect from the current lawless, corrupt administration. What was more interesting was the response from the Border Patrol agents themselves, speaking via their union. First, they were angered at being called out. They explained that children were caught in the wire, leaving them with no recourse other than to behave in a humanitarian way. What’s more interesting is their openly expressed hostility to Biden’s illegal conduct: “Biden created this nightmare… Direct your ire toward the people responsible for this in the Biden Administration.” In other words, we’re trying to do our job and retain our humanity amid a deliberate system breakdown.

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That message reveals the handcuffs of government pensions that require a certain time on the job before vesting. It’s fine to tell these agents to speak up or quit, but it’s not just the job they’re leaving. They can get other jobs. The real deal is that they're leaving their pensions behind. Since that’s a substantial part of their compensation, walking away from that is incredibly difficult for people scrabbling to maintain a minimal middle-class lifestyle. So they struggle along, complicit in the largest act of lawbreaking in American history. (Note: I consider them different from those FBI agents who are actively perverting the law or have first-hand knowledge about those who are. There's nothing secretive about what the border patrol agents are doing out in the open. Unlike DOJ employees, have no additional insights to offer about the crime going on behind closed doors. Additionally, unlike the DOJ/FBI employees, they're not aiding active election interference, which goes to the heart of our constitutional republic.)

What’s interesting is to follow the money. The National Border Patrol Council (“NBPC”) is a small PAC that donates 100% of its money to Republicans. However, it’s an affiliate of the American Federation of Government Employees (“AFGE”), which has consistently donated the bulk of its money (94.66%) to Democrats. The AFGE, in turn, is a member of the AFL-CIO, which donates millions of dollars to Democrats. In other words, if NBPC dollars are finding their way up the chain to the AFGE or AFL-CIO, as I assume they are, the irony of all this is that the beleaguered agents are some of “the people responsible for the Biden Administration.”

Oh, and about those children caught in the wire. The real cruelty is a government policy that entices their parents to subject them to these dangers. If people trying to get into the country illegally knew they’d be turned away at the border to wait their turn, they wouldn’t expose their children to these risks. (Or sell them to smugglers or sex traffickers, either.) Biden has created the equivalent of an attractive nuisance, equivalent to an unfenced swimming pool in a neighborhood swarming with children or a candy house owned by a witch with a big oven.

Image: Twitter screen grab.