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American Thinker
American Thinker
16 Dec 2023
Jack Hellner

NextImg:Plagiarism, Jew-hate, racism, lying, and quotas: Aren't our august institutions dandy?

 The Democrat mayor of Boston accidentally sent invitations to whites for a party that was intended to be for "people of color."

That led to an uproar. Now she's saying this:

The Democrat mayor of Boston has defended her decision to hold a non-whites only Christmas party.

Michelle Wu has come under fire for hosting the “electeds of colour” event.

The segregated celebration has been held for years at an official reception hall in Boston, but this year  invitations were accidentally sent to all 13 members of the city council, including white members.

The mayor’s office rescinded the invitations to seven white councillors 15 minutes after they were sent out, leading to a backlash from the city’s representatives over the “divisive” event.

...and then...

The party went ahead on Wednesday after the mayor’s office apologised for the blanket invitations, which were sent to all councillors in error by Denise DosSantos, Ms Wu’s aide.

Ms DosSantos sent a follow-up email clarifying the event was restricted to non-white councillors.

Why isn't she being accused of being a racist since anyone who would exclude people of color from a party would be properly derided as a racist?

Incidentally, white is a color. We are not clear. 

When people pick the color of their car, the most popular color of car is white. The car manufacturer doesn't ask if you want a car with a color or do you want a white car. 

At Harvard, you better not be a conservative or use an improper pronoun. Then you might be silenced or expelled. 

But if you call for the elimination of Jews and Israel, they are not sure if that is a problem.

Harvard University's president, under fire over testimony she gave about anti-Semitism on campus, will remain in her job after a meeting of the institution's governing body issued a statement backing her on Tuesday.

Claudine Gay has been engulfed by criticism after she declined to say unequivocally whether calling for genocide of Jews violated Harvard's code of conduct as she testified before Congress alongside the heads of MIT and the University of Pennsylvania.

"It depends on the context," she told lawmakers in one tense exchange.

All of a sudden they say they are very focused on free speech. 

It is also O.K. for the president of Harvard to plagiarize as much as she wants.

Harvard President Claudine Gay submitted corrections to two scholarly articles published in 2001 and 2017 following allegations of plagiarism, University spokesperson Jonathan L. Swain told CNN on Friday.

Harvard commissioned an independent review of Gay’s writings following the plagiarism accusations. Gay denied the allegations, saying in a statement last week that she stands by the integrity of her scholarship.

“Throughout my career, I have worked to ensure my scholarship adheres to the highest academic standards,” she said.

The Harvard Corporation, the university’s top governing body, on Tuesday announced that the review revealed inadequate citations in a few instances but “no violation of Harvard’s standards for research misconduct.” It said then that Gay would request “four corrections in two articles to insert citations and quotation marks that were omitted from the original publications.”

I wonder why so many Harvard students think it is O.K. to cheat. 

There are indications that Harvard is intentionally reducing the number of Jewish students, too.

Harvard University might intend to scale back the proportion of Jews in its pupil physique to 1-2%, roughly the Jewish share of the U.S. inhabitants, in accordance to a e-newsletter printed by a brand new group of Jewish alumni of the establishment.

In a “December update,” the newly-formed “Harvard Jewish Alumni Alliance” reported Friday (authentic emphasis):

We have seen knowledge that recommend that the Jewish inhabitants on the College has declined from 20-25% within the Nineties-2000s to 5-7% immediately, however that the majority that decline occurred lately. We have heard from a number of sources on the University that it’s the official, undisclosed coverage of the varsity to drive down Jewish admissions to 1-2% of the scholar physique, proportionately matching Jews' share of the U.S. inhabitants.

I thought there were laws against religious discrimination:

We have seen data that suggest that the Jewish population at the College has declined from 20-25% in the 1990s-2000s to 5-7% today, but that almost all that decline occurred in recent years. We have heard from multiple sources at the University that it is the official, undisclosed policy of the school to drive down Jewish admissions to 1-2% of the student body, proportionately matching Jews’ percentage of the U.S. population. This violates basic meritocratic principles and recent Supreme Court jurisprudence. Like the shameful Jewish quotas in Harvard’s past, current limits mimic the Soviets, who used similar tactics to limit Jewish access to education.
The FBI really is worried about MAGA people, Catholics, and parents. 
And it is all-in for DEI:
But it can't be bothered with corrupt Democrats like the Bidens or the Clintons. 
They have time to illegally spy on people they don't like. 
Lying to the FISA court is perfectly fine. 
It seems to have no concern about all the crime at the border or the crime that has come of soft-on-crime D.A.s
It can't locate people who violently destroy crisis pregnancy centers because they do it at night. 
But it is really concerned that people use the right pronouns. 
Maybe they should add an H to their menu for heterosexual so they cover everyone instead of discriminating. 
I wonder why over 70% of the country thinks we are headed in the wrong direction.
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