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American Thinker
American Thinker
1 Jul 2023
Monica Showalter

NextImg:Michelle Obama rage-tweets about blacks being oppressed -- from a fancy Greek yacht vacay out in the Mediterranean

For most of us, Grecian island vacations and private yacht parties with the jet set are pretty much the purview of those with lives of idle privilege.

Not for Michelle Obama, who had plenty of complaints about the Supreme Court's rulings back in the states while on this sort of vacation.

According to this tweet:

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So there she was, living the post-presidential luxury life out in the Mediterranean with the billionaires, same as Jackie O and her Aristotle Onassis once did on their yachts, and instead of just enjoying it, she puts out this furious statement regarding the Supreme Court's decision to end race-based affirmative action admissions at colleges and universities:

It was an odd statement indeed, given that the opening paragraph gives the exact reason why affirmative action ought to be scrapped. Why should a black kid of merit get sidelong looks about being an affirmative-action admission when he most certainly would have gotten into the school he goes to on his own in a color-blind application process?

Michelle explains it away with "The fact is this: I belonged," not citing who says so, and then veering off into comparing affirmative action admissions in colleges with legacy admissions a few white students get (rest assured, those need to be scrapped, too) as if all whites are alike, and athletic admissions, an apples-to-oranges argument made even more ridiculous by her suggestion that no black kid ever got a basketball or football scholarship, and white kids having money for test preparation, as if black kids never use those services and the success they produce is solely a matter of money, rather than that and motivation. Perhaps she can find out why public schools run by teachers' unions are failing to the extent that so many black kids and kids of all colors have to pay for these services?

Worse still, she ignored the issue at hand -- that Asian-American kids of merit were getting stiffed by the all racial box-checking which was overriding their merit because there were "too many" of them. They don't exist, you see, despite the suit being actually brought by them before the Court.

But perhaps worst of all, is the news that she was out there living her best luxe life on the yachts with the movie stars and the disruptions of the locals, all while doing her tweets about black oppression. (PJMedia has more thoughts on that here.)

There were these complaints from the local Greeks in their own towns about how the Obamas' positively regal security detail disrupted their daily lives, which included forcing non-disclosure signatures from locals as they went about their business.

It was all because the Obamas were just too, too, important.

Local sources said that the couple had arrived in Greece on Friday, travelling incognito on a private jet, and were eventually seen on Saturday in Naousa, a picturesque fishing village on Paros island.

The Obamas are most probably being hosted by their friends, Hollywood actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who own a holiday home on the adjacent island of Antiparos.

Barack and Michelle Obama were reportedly accompanied by over thirty American security agents who followed their every step as they went out to dine at a gourmet fish restaurant in Naousa, Paros.

According to Greek newspaper ProtoThema, they were sat at a remote area of the restaurant, while the restaurant owner was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and staff were required to remove their smart watches and put away their phones until the former presidential couple of the United States had left.


The only photo leaked so far from the Obamas’ Greek island vacation was shared by a Twitter user who felt annoyed at how “the whole island was disrupted” by their stay on Antiparos.

 One even refused to put up with that royalty schtick:

Private jets? Jammed traffic? Non-disclosure agreements? Did they pay these people for that 'service,' or did they just demand it?

I think we can guess who the privileged ones are here. But no matter -- as Michelle said in her earlier statement "we belong," which is a fancy way of saying "we're entitled." And just like the affirmative action privileges Michelle laments the demise of, the Obamas are comfortable with other privileges, living the textbook life of the jet-setting idle rich.

Give us a break.

Image: Twitter screen shot