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American Thinker
American Thinker
17 Feb 2024
Silvio Canto, Jr.

NextImg:Lawfare Fani making Trump’s point

It was interesting TV and the show is not over. As you know, there is only so much of the “Elderly Man with a Poor Memory” story that we can take. I guess that many of us want to wait until Special Counsel Robert Hur speaks publicly about just how bad the elderly man's memory is. So a little Nathan-does-Fani is a bit more interesting for now even if she disputes what he did to her.

According to Eddie Scarry, Fani had a plan:

It wasn’t clear that Willis would be compelled to give testimony, but it’s no shock that it turned out this way when she volunteered. The whole point of her performance was to ratchet up news and online commentary about her abrasive conduct and her “Uh-uh, don’t got there” demeanor. It’s a naked attempt to get Trump supporters and right-wing media to please, please, oh-pretty-please call her “angry.” That way she can go on “The View,” plus chat with MSNBC’s Joy Reid to do what she’s already been doing and accuse her critics of being racists who simply can’t stand seeing a black woman of color in power.

It’s a desperate, albeit rational attempt to distract from what the rest of Thursday’s hearing demonstrated -- that Willis and Wade likely lied to the court about the extent of their involvement, as Willis’ former close friend attested, and that Willis also probably lied about receiving improper gifts from Wade, whom she retained and paid with taxpayer money.

It’s all she has left. If it doesn’t work in the court, she will have lost nothing anyway. “The View” and Joy Reid will still call her a hero.

I agree that Fani will have Joy Reid or "The View" to run to. And playing the race card comes naturally to Democrats, especially those who never planned to get caught.

What I see here is a disaster for the anti-Trump crowd for two reasons:

First, it exposes just how partisan, amateurish and arrogant this whole group is. This is about getting Trump; and,

Second, it will harden the people voting for Trump. I want Trump to win so that we can shut down these banana republic tactics. I’m sick of this stuff.

And yes, Fani will probably find a friendly audience at "The View." To be sure, Joy Reid will find the racial angle of this. I’m sure that Jim Crow made them do it. Doesn’t she always blame everything on poor JC?

The important part is that Trump’s enemies always end up helping him. Add lawfare Fani to the list.

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Image: Trump White House