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American Thinker
American Thinker
8 Apr 2023
Andrea Widburg

NextImg:Kamala tries on the affect of a fiery Southern preacher

One thing I’ve always liked about Trump is that, no matter where he is, he stays true to himself. Regardless of venue, he wears his signature dark suit, white shirt, and red tie, and speaks with his Queens accent. He never claims, as Biden insistently does, that he is an honorary African-American, Puerto Rican, Italian, Polish, Jewish, Transgender, Martian, or anything else. He is just Trump. That’s because he’s beholden to identity politics for his power. But when it comes to faking identities, Hillary Clinton and, now, Kamala Harris, take the cake. These two women are such fakers that they really have no identity of their own to which they can be true.

Who can forget Hillary’s famous “Ah don’t feel no-waiz tah-erd” speech back in 2007, when she was in Selma, Alabama?

That wasn’t the first time Hillary had tried on different ways to speak. Indeed, in 2016, Bloomberg put together a short video of all the accents this Midwestern-born politician has tried on over the years in her vain attempts to connect to actual human beings:

Bloomberg tried to make it sound normal, but it’s not. Only Democrat politicians do this. Indeed, the little Bloomberg blurb for the video, points to another Democrat who fakes accents: “President Barack Obama has been known to change his pronunciation according to region and audience.” Again, Trump is always Trump. The same was true for both Bushes, Reagan, Nixon…. Just keep going back in time.

Kamala Harris, though, seems to be giving Hillary’s chameleon accent a run for the money. But, typically for Kamala, she’s just so bad at it. Hillary may have been non-human, but she had a good ear. Kamala, though…well, that’s another story.

It started in 2020, during the run-up to the presidential campaign, when Kamala got the same Alabama infection Hillary did:

But Kamala wasn’t done. A year later, tried out her version of a (checks notes) French accent:

Now, she’s back again! This time, Kamala, now in Nashville, has embraced fire-breathing preacher mode:

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Kamala's problem, of course, is that she’s just as insincere at this as she is about anything else. She doesn’t sound like an impassioned person selling the gospel. Where Hillary always sounded like every man’s angry ex-wife, Kamala sounds like a mother who has reached her last nerve after the kids have once again left the living room a mess.

Watching Kamala, a woman of East Asian Indian and Jamaican descent…correction: Jamaican slaveowner descent, try desperately to connect to ordinary Americans in a time of identity politics is amusing, to say the least. But of course, it doesn’t matter. While Republicans embrace the circular firing squad for the least deviation from purity or self-immolate in the face of leftist criticism, the Democrat party machine will always cover for its members’ sins, at least for as long as that member remains useful.

Image: Kamala Harris in Nashville. YouTube screen grab.