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American Thinker
American Thinker
18 Nov 2023
Rob Jenkins

NextImg:It’s always the women and children

As shocking and horrifying as it was to witness Hamas’s attack on innocent Israeli women and children, it shouldn’t really surprise us.  Women and children have always been the chief victims of “progressive” ideology.

Not that the Hamas terrorists are themselves “progressives.”  No doubt, if Islamic extremists ever succeed in taking over the West, our “progressives” with their atheistic worldview and sexual libertinism will be among the first to be lined up and shot — or worse.

What the two movements have in common, though — Western “progressivism” and Islamic extremism — is a nihilistic worldview that seeks to destroy rather than build.  And perhaps that is why both groups target women, who carry the future of the human race, and children, who are that future.

It’s also the reason so many Western “progressives” are currently enabling and even siding openly with Hamas as the terrorists advance one of “progressivism’s” chief goals: “decolonization,” which basically means the eradication of Western culture.  Israel, as the Middle East’s lone representative of that culture, is thus a prime target.

If you doubt any of this, just look at who, in the West, has been celebrating the October 7 slaughter.  Hint: It’s not the College Republicans.  It’s the same people who set out to burn down our cities in the summer of 2020 and who are now gleefully trying to destroy the rest of society.  In a word: “progressives.”

For them, attacking women and children is simply another day at the office.  It’s what they do.  It’s the end result of practically all their policies.

Consider “transgenderism,” which is the most misogynistic ideology in history.  It tells women they’re better off as men and men that they can be better women than women.  (Right, “Woman of the Year” Admiral Levine?)

Moreover, when males invade female spaces, it’s women and girls who are subjected to humiliation and sexual predation, who are pushed off the medal stand, who get their faces bashed in or their teeth knocked out.

And then there are the children, the most vulnerable among us, whose lives are damaged, ruined, or cut short by “progressive” policies.  Think about the thousands of perfectly viable babies — not “clumps of cells,” but fully formed human beings — who are murdered in the womb each year.

Think about our insane response to COVID, especially in “progressive” blue states.  To “combat” and “contain” a nearly ubiquitous respiratory virus that posed virtually no threat to the young, schools were closed for months on end, while children were denied the education and socialization vital to their development.

The consequences have been catastrophic: sharp increases in depressiondrug overdoses, and suicide, not to mention profound learning loss.  Many of those kids will never recover from the trauma inflicted upon them by “progressive” do-gooders like Randi Weingarten, Gavin Newsom, and Lori Lightfoot.

Then think about the “transgender” agenda currently being pushed on children by cynical doctors, corrupt politicians, groomers with teaching certificates, and Munchausen parents.

These monsters, “progressives” all, are telling little boys they’re really little girls, or vice versa, and they can actually become little girls or boys if they just take this “harmless” drug that may well sterilize them for life.  Or if that fails, they can always have their sex organs surgically and permanently removed.

So yes, the October 7 attack on Israel was shocking in its suddenness and brutality.  But I submit that it was no more brutal, and certainly no more damaging in the long run, than what we’ve been doing to our own women and children for years.

The homegrown harms are just more gradual.  We hardly notice them.  They’ve become part of the landscape of Life in the West.  And that should be to our eternal shame.

Perhaps, though, the recent events in Israel and their aftermath in the West have shaken some people out of their comfortable stupor.  Perhaps more and more will become “red-pilled,” cognizant that the left’s agenda always leads to death and destruction, especially among the most vulnerable.

That is our only hope of arresting the spread of “progressive” nihilism, at home and abroad.

Image via Pxfuel.