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American Thinker
American Thinker
8 Apr 2023
Andrew W. Coy

NextImg:Imagine, if you will, a country...

With proper credit given to Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone, imagine a country, if you will.  Imagine a country that just a few short years ago was the only superpower on Earth, and suddenly it loses all stature and credibility throughout the world.  Imagine a country that at one time was both respected and feared, and now that country's friends don't trust it, and its enemies don't fear it.  Imagine a country that left behind $81 billion's worth of military equipment to a militant culture that hates Christianity, mocks equality, and dismisses human rights.  Imagine a country, led by the military industrial complex, that is so short-sighted that it successfully ran its two strongest enemies into the arms of each other.  Now that union, China and Russia, is about ready to destroy the American dollar, and the dollar will no longer be the world's reserve currency. 

Imagine a country that believes that treating everyone equally, regardless of race, is now called racism.  Imagine living in a country where meritocracy is now considered racist.  Imagine the leadership of a country purposely discriminating against the majority race and somehow calling that equity.  Imagine a government changing Title IX requirements so that males are allowed to compete against females and calling that fair.  Imagine a culture that makes males "Female Athlete of the Year."  Imagine a country where abortions are considered "health care" while pro-life is thought to be sexist.  Imagine a country where those who said the 2016 election was stolen are acclaimed, while those who said the 2020 election was stolen are imprisoned.

Imagine a government that calls many of its political enemies Nazis and fascists, while at the same time this very government ignores the Nuremburg Codes and forces its citizens under penalty of law to take an experimental, dangerous, and ineffective vaccine.  Imagine a culture in which the words "racist," "extremist," "intolerant," "insurrectionist," and "conspiracy theorists" are used so very often and so inaccurately that those words lose their power to convince.

Imagine a country, and its leadership, that allows for the arrest of political opponents.  Imagine a political party that ignores the difference between felonies and misdemeanors, ignores the statute of limitations, and leaks out lies from its office to taint the jury pool.  Imagine the bowels of a government that would destroy the legally elected president, a Deep State that would lie, cheat, and steal to damage the legally elected government, and an intelligence agency that would impeach, arrest, and jail the leader of the political opposition.  Imagine that the writings of Dr. Seuss are censored from the school's library while the writings of Mao, Marx, and Nietzsche are  taught in glowing terms.  Imagine the political opposition party, especially in the Senate, being so silent, so mute, and so impotent that one can only surmise that this opposition leadership is compromised.   

Imagine a country that refuses to protect its own borders and its own citizens but claims that it is mandatory to protect the borders of a corrupted oligarch in a faraway east European country.  Imagine a country that purposefully allows fentanyl and other deadly drugs to reach the children therein.  Imagine the leadership of a country that protects the sovereignty of a foreign country more that it protects the sovereignty of its own.  Imagine leadership that refuses to say there is a "crisis" when millions of illegal aliens (and potential terrorists) flood into its country.  Imagine a country and its leadership tearing down the statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt while that same country and its same leadership kowtow to the Communist Party of China.  Imagine the national law enforcement censoring and covering up crucial information and facts that determine the outcome of the 2020 election.   

Imagine a military that kicks out many of its soldiers because they are Christian, conservative, and constitutionalists, and this same military wonders why it can no longer recruit in the South.  Imagine a country, and its leadership, that claims that minors are too young to drink, smoke, drive cars, or join the military, but not too young to have life-altering permanent genital-altering surgery.  Imagine a country that claims that wanting to verify elections is illegal and a crime, that claims that voter ID cards are "Jim Crow."  Imagine a Deep State that entraps and sets up a mostly peaceful political protest by using government informants and employees, and then jails political opponents without charges or bail.  Imagine an ACLU that sits by quietly and refuses to say a word as the Bill of Rights is denied to the political opposition.  Imagine a country where the ACLU does not support the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth Amendments when citizens belong to the wrong political party.

Imagine a country's leadership that calls evil good and good evil.  Imagine a country's leadership that calls quoting directly from the Holy Bible "hate speech."  Imagine a culture that says it's legal for adult males to put on drag shows gyrating in front of minor-age children but says it's illegal to remove pornographic books from middle school library shelves.  Imagine a country where Animal Farm and 1984 are now non-fiction, and Tucker Carlson is being followed, watched, and spied on by the Intelligence Community.  Imagine a place where the political leadership preaches "global warming" and states that the seas are rising because of "settled science," while these same leaders buy multi-million-dollar homes on the coastline.  Imagine a country's leadership stating that the citizenry no longer needs the Second Amendment while leaders themselves are surrounded by armed body guards.

Now imagine, if you will, a country where the red states get redder and the blue states get bluer, and there are fewer and fewer purple states.  Imagine a country where half of the citizens worship God while the other half worship Baal.  Imagine a country that has fewer swing states and fewer independent voters and fewer moderating tones.  Imagine a country that has two cultures that are diametrically opposed to each other.

Now...imagine that country not separating and not divorcing and not dividing.  No.  That is...just too hard to imagine.

Image: Eric Fischer via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).