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American Thinker
American Thinker
22 Jul 2023
Thomas Lifson

NextImg:Heart-rending video from ‘de-transitioning’ castrated boy who tried to become a female and now regrets the permanent damage he’s done

Kudos to Fox News digital for posting a video from a boy who deeply regrets his decision to try to “transition” to a female habitus as a hoped-for solution to his emotional stresses. The entire 20-minutes+ video is embedded below, though you may be like me, experiencing difficulty in watching the whole thing through. To be honest, my compassion for him, while deep (for he has been exploited by the gender-change fanatics, as he seems to realize), is tempered by  my impatience with his self-absorption (completely understandable, given the subject matter) and continued employment of such jargon as “internalized homophobia,” which he in part blames for the decision he now regrets.

For those who do not have 20 minutes to spend with this tragic figure, an intelligent and articulate boy, there is a summary in the accompanying article of many of his points, including:

Kobe, whose name is being withheld for privacy reasons, had "checked every box for what they call a trans adolescent." He was always "effeminate" and loved pink and playing with Barbies. If he was never exposed to gender ideology, he says he'd probably "would have just stayed a feminine boy. And there's nothing wrong with that." 

"I felt unlovable as an effeminate man in society and everything. A feminine boy, actually. I was never a man, I'm trying to reclaim my manhood now and everything. It's hard. I have breasts, I have the hip development of a woman because I started the estrogen young. I have no gonads. You know, it's hard. My skull never really masculinized."

Kobe, in retrospect, looks back at the medical interventions as a subconscious use of "self-harm." During his early teenage years, he was struggling with internalized homophobia. "I mean, I saw it as a way out of my homosexuality if that makes any sense."

Effeminate boys are often pressured these days to declare themselves homosexuals, which can often raise their social status, given the current cultural environment. If this happens early in their development, they may be set on that path without exploring other options for their sexuality.

Kobe’s seduction into transition, eagerly “assisted” by so many, is also described, and is telling:

Kobe first encountered the idea of switching genders on YouTube. 

"And I said, ‘Oh, you can do this.’ You know, I don't have to be a gay guy. I don't have to be an embarrassment. And all this horrible stuff that I thought about my homosexuality, and it was like a light bulb. It was like, this is a way out," he said. "I thought it was."

Kobe told his parents that he was transgender at age 11. At 13, Kobe said that older trans people online instructed him, as well as other kids, to "play the suicide card" in order to get chemical interventions. 

Here is “Kobe” speaking for himself:

How many more victims are there, lured into dangerous and futile measures to accomplish what cannot be done: switching sexes?  The medical professional who profited from this scam should be sued by Kobe and every other youngster lured into this.

Photo credit: Fox News digital video screengrab