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American Thinker
American Thinker
21 Oct 2023
Andrea Widburg

NextImg:Greta Thunberg is an antisemitic weasel

I am second to none in my disrespect for Greta Thunberg. She’s a creepy little mutant, the product of ardent socialist parents, who cured herself of a mental breakdown by terrifying the world’s youth with unfounded predictions of a climate apocalypse that can be cured only by giving her and her fellow travelers unfettered power (and cash). Given her background and affiliations, it comes as no surprise to learn that, in addition to her paranoia and megalomania, she’s also a genocidal antisemite.

What you currently see if you go to Greta’s X thread is a photo of her with three other broken-looking young women, all of them standing on the side of those unfree Palestinians:

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For clarity’s sake, I’ve corrected the photo:

Climate change is a cult. Socialism is a cult. When you have emotionally disturbed young women caught up in both cults, they will show a suicidal ideation.

But what about Greta? She’s siding with the people who torture children, rape women to death, decapitate infants, slice open pregnant women’s bellies, and do it all while having fun, fun, fun. Then, they record these moments and either send them to the families of the victims (using the victims’ phones) or they proudly post them on social media. And keep in mind, of course, that the whole “this is the Palestinian’s land” is a lie cooked up in the 20th century, a combination of Islamic Jew-hatred, British bureaucrats’ hungry for power, and Soviet machinations with Yasir Arafat.

That’s bad, but Greta is actually much worse than that. You see, the tweet above isn’t what Greta originally sent out. Instead, she carefully included an octopus looking over her shoulder in the original tweet:

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Ever since the phony Protocols of the Elders of Zion, one of the most recognizable antisemitic tropes is the Jewish octopus, with its tentacles stretching over the world.

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Once her little nod to vicious antisemitism was exposed, Thunberg backpedaled furiously. Along with posting the cleaned-up photograph, Thunberg offered an “explanation”:

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Do you believe her? I don’t. There is no evidence that Thunberg has ever before been using stuffed octopuses for communication with autistic people. Instead, that traditional antisemitic symbol showed up for the first and only time in a tweet in which she sided with people who visited the most vicious attack on Jewish civilians since the Holocaust.

Again, though, none of this is a surprise. She isn’t the first socialist megalomaniac to dream of destroying Jews and, sadly, she won’t be the last.