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American Thinker
American Thinker
29 Apr 2023
Monica Showalter

NextImg:Greenie climate leftists declare war on the 'natural' in 'natural gas

Saul Alinsky once said: "Control the language, control the masses."

There are others who have said control the language, control the debate and similar sentiments.

Leftists have long known the power of language in getting around and in fact effecting their unpalatable agenda.

Which brings us to a new war front from the left, the war on the 'natural' in natural gas:

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Climate activists are pushing the Biden administration to stop companies from using the term "natural gas," arguing that use of the word "natural" makes the energy source appear overly green.

Environmental group Gas Leaks is working to change the way President Joe Biden's Federal Trade Commission regulates the use of "natural gas" in marketing materials, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. For the group's campaign director, Caleb Heeringa, the term misleadingly suggests that the energy source is clean and should thus be replaced by expressions such as "fossil gas" and "methane gas."

"There's nothing natural about fracking; there's nothing natural about thousands of miles of pipelines and there's nothing natural about the indoor air pollution that is associated with gas," Heeringa said.

That's a load of baloney. Natural gas is natural because, well, it forms naturally, nobody cooks it up in some brew pot from the outside.

As the Beacon notes:

The colorless, odorless fuel source forms when decomposing plants and animals are subject to underground heat and pressure. Its name was adopted in the 1820s, Bloomberg noted, to distinguish it from gas produced via unnatural means, such as by burning coal and oil.

The term has been around for about two centuries.

Which goes to show that the left is losing its war on natural gas, an abundant, green, efficiently produced, highly effective, lifesaving fuel from the heart of Mother Earth and wants a rematch under the cranky term 'fossil gas' in order to get the schoolkids and low information voters onboard with banning it.

It's garbage. 

Since this is the battlefield they want to play on, moving to semantics instead of facts, it behooves the natural gas industry to go all out to fight back on equal terms. It's time to launch a public relations campaign about the all-natural, organic, clean, green, green, green fuel that fuels the charging stations for all those greenie electric cars, heats the homes that keep the children warm, never falls apart like those bird-chopping wind turbines, keeps the hospitals warm, keeps the home fires burning, cooks the gourmet food on those gas stoves, and keeps the tractors that produce the abundant organic vegetables running. They need to shove it in the green lobby's faces, and ram home the reality that natural gas is as green and natural and life-saving as fuels get.

Call it "organic energy." That's probably the best and most accurate term possible.

They have the facts. All they need are the glorious artists and flowery art and troubadors. This garbage being flung by the greenie left signals that they have lost the argument so they're on the run, yet their latest tack could be lethal to the industry if they succeed in this semantic shape-shifting. It's time to go hardball and counterstrike hard. 

Image: Mike Mozart, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0