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American Thinker
American Thinker
22 Jul 2023
Andrea Widburg

NextImg:Did Hunter Biden’s attorney and moneyman use drugs while Hunter visited?

If there’s one thing we know about Hunter Biden—because his laptop, Navy record, multiple rehab admissions, and memoirs confirm it—it’s that he has spent decades being a slave to both licit and illicit substances. An expose from the Daily Mail suggests that his attorney may also be using mind-altering drugs and that he was using them when Hunter was a visitor in his home.

Even without FBI documents, laptops, bank records, and confidential source materials, it was always impossible to believe that Hunter Biden was getting huge amounts of money from foreign corporations because of what he brought to the table. After all, this was a man famously known for his gargantuan appetite for drink and drugs, especially crack cocaine.

Hunter’s laptop is filled with pictures of him lighting up something (Pot? Crack? Something else?) and then being absolutely mesmerized, as only a drug addict can be, by the smoke his vice generated. (Scroll about halfway down this page to see what I mean.) There’s also the famous picture of Hunter with the crackpipe stuck in his mouth:

And of course, Hunter openly described the abyss into which he fell:

To end the scene, Hunter Biden agreed to check into a facility in Maryland. He was driven there by Beau’s widow, Hallie, with whom he’d had a relationship. After she dropped him off, Hunter Biden writes, he called an Uber, told the staff he’d return in the morning and then checked into a hotel near Baltimore’s airport.

“For the next two days, while everybody who’d been at my parents’ house thought I was safe and sound at the center, I sat in my room and smoked the crack I’d tucked away in my traveling bag,” he wrote. “I then boarded a plane for California and ran and ran and ran.


Hunter Biden, now 51, also writes about thinking he had developed a superpower — “the ability to find crack in any town, at any time, no matter how unfamiliar the terrain,” and about once having a gun thrust in his face when he embarked on such a hunt during five months of self-exile in Los Angeles.

Multi-billion-dollar corporations don’t hire someone like this and funnel millions into his and his family’s bank accounts other than for those family connections.

Lately, there’s been speculation that Hunter is using again. He had the look of someone frantic for drugs when he stood on the White House balcony on July 4, and sharp-eyed viewers thought they saw him hiding behind Joe and Jill for a quick sniff:

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There was also the saga of the cocaine baggy found in the West Wing. The same federal law enforcement agencies that found every random granny who went near the Capitol on January 6 were unable to find how the cocaine got there despite this being the most tightly secured area in America. (Dan Bongino suggests that the Secret Service knows and that it was a dealer leaving the baggy for a customer.)

Nevertheless, we’re told that Hunter, who has had countless relapses, is “clean.”

Here’s one of the rules of staying clean: Don’t hang out with users.

That’s why it was news when the Daily Mail ran a story, along with a photograph, that appears to show Hunter Biden’s attorney (and money man), Kevin Morris, hanging out on his balcony smoking something from what looks like a bong, while Hunter was at his house:

Hunter Biden visited his 'sugar brother' Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris – who was photographed appearing to smoke from a bong.


While Hunter was at the house, Morris was snapped on a balcony in plain view of the public street appearing to huff from a white bong, in photos exclusively obtained by

Hunter Biden would merely be pathetic and disgustingly debauched if he were just any old guy who struggles with substance abuse. It’s a terrible life curse and, for some, one that’s impossible to shake.

However, when it comes to Hunter, things are different. He has a corrupt and powerful government at his back and has long been the Biden family bagman. Given those facts, knowing that his attorney and money man might be exposing Hunter to substances that he can’t resist is newsworthy, going even further to the moral corruption at the heart of the Biden administration.