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American Thinker
American Thinker
8 Apr 2023
Monica Showalter

NextImg:Cringe video: Kamala Harris puts on her best Rev. Wright, 'preacherman' imitation for the left in Nashville

When Kamala Harris travels, look out, she likes to give Rich Little a run for his money as an "impressionist."

And with her trip to Nashville to visit a group of Tennessee state legislators who were expelled from the legislature for disorderly behavior -- shouting down others and disrupting legislative proceedings -- who knew that Kamala Harris had an inner 'preacherman' in her, just itching to come out?

Here's her speech at what appears to be the Fisk University memorial chapel, a historically black college, on the matter.

Caution: You can't unsee it:

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According to WSMV4, a Nashville television station:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Vice President Kamala Harris spoke Friday at Fisk University to show support for the Tennessee lawmakers removed from the House after protesting for stricter gun laws following the Covenant School mass shooting.

Harris met with the lawmakers, known as the “Tennessee Three,” before her speech at the rally held at Fisk.

What she said was unimportant and obviously will be forgotten. What was memorable was the delivery of that speech -- the shouting, the hectoring, the jabbing of her finger downward repeatedly, the dropped tone towards the end of each exhortation, and the cadence we know she didn't grow up with. It was cringeworthy in the extreme, because it was clearly so fake and phony. Harris has never lived in the Deep South or much of anywhere beyond progressive Canada and the even more progressive San Francisco Bay Area, a Berkeley-born native with two immigrant parents. What she was doing was play-acting for the role, apparently to entertain, putting on a minstrel show.

It was the verbal equivalent of "blackface" in its exaggerated and ridiculous tenor, the act of someone imitating what she thinks a black preacher might preach, and not the kind that most black church audiences might hear, but one of the crazy ones, such as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who served as President Obama's pastor for a number of years until Obama pretended he barely knew him.

Remember that guy?

Harris's moves and gestures seem to be positively borrowed from the shouting demogogue.

Which reinforces the perception among voters that she's quite the phony. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama pioneered this imitate-the-folksy-black-accent style in pandering to black voters, making themselves figures of fun based on the awful phoniness of the schtick, and rather than take that as a cautionary political lesson, Kamala Harris took their acts as role models and copied them.

It's a loser of an approach, there's nothing voters like less than a phony, but apparently Harris has never heard from nor listened to wiser heads about the wisdom of what she's doing. She just puts on the preacherman act, as if imitating an old hypocrite and fool on the pulpit is just the thing for winning voters over, and expects it to work.

Hard pass that it will.

Hat tip: RedState

Image: Screen shot from Twitter video