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American Thinker
American Thinker
27 May 2023
Thomas Lifson

NextImg:As Biden bugs out of town during debt ceiling negotiations, Karine Jean-Pierre struggles to justify it and snaps at reporters

Something doesn’t smell right about the Biden administration hyping end-of-the-world catastrophe if the federal debt ceiling isn’t raised by June first, and then taking off from DC as those negotiations are in their last few days.  

Even Democrats are appalled, as Ben Wilson of the Free Beacon reports:

"Please tell me that’s not true,'' a Democrat lawmaker anonymously told Politico after hearing of Biden's plans to leave town. "You’re going to see a caucus that’s so pissed if he’s stupid enough to do that."

Democrats have also expressed anger about Biden’s lack of leadership in negotiations with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.). "It’s time to bring the president off the bench, or bring somebody off the bench. No one’s responding to anything. Kevin’s consistently on message," a House Democrat told Politico. "We have the Oval Office. I’ve never seen anything like it."

Poor Karine Jean-Pierre had to defend it, and did so poorly, as usual, snapping at reporters.


What few commented on or maybe even noticed was that the holiday weekend getaway had two different destinations: first to Camp David and then on to Delaware, where he has two homes: a mansion that formerly belonged to a member of the DuPont family and a beach house in Rehoboth.

What was so urgent about getting out of town during a “crisis” – even if the crisis is overhyped? Is it just the need for exotic medications to keep his dementia less visible? Or is it, I speculated today here, a matter of another crisis, a secret one? The possibility that Joe is being blackmailed by other Democrats to get out of the 2024 race, where his obvious infirmities and horrendous track record would make it hard to cheat enough to hand Democrats the White House and both houses of Congress, which they need to complete their subversion of the constitutional order into a one-party state.

The fact that a longstanding pillar of the legacy media, CBS, chose to end the blackout of news about the burgeoning IRS scandal related to foreign payments to the Biden family had to have sent a signal to Joe and Jill that their immunity to full blown media coverage could end.  If my theory is correct, Joe and Jill would want to meet and discuss how to proceed with a lot of advisors (and some enemies within the party) with no public disclosure of whom they are meeting. We already know that that the Secret Service is keeping secrets about who visits the Bidens in Delaware. So, one weekend destination would not be enough if Camp David were to be the getaway.

It's only a theory at this point, but I have a hard time believing that the power-seeking Democrats are comfortable with Joe Biden’s announced decision to run again, given the probability of losing. This is a party that pulled all sorts of strings to keep Bernie Sanders away from the nomination because of an impending electoral disaster if he were to be the 2020 nominee.  Why would Joe Biden, a clearly spent force, get any better treatment than Sanders?

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