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American Thinker
American Thinker
8 Jul 2023
Chuck Mawhinney

NextImg:Artificial Intelligence: A cry for humility

Once again the pseudo intellectual community has cried, “Ooops!” 

Another priesthood is facing another rebellion.

Now we hear that AI (artificial intelligence) might very well be our demise … our final demise. Listening to the experts who are pleading for a succession in AI development, a pause if you will, all I can see is Barney Fife shooting his foot. At least Barney was a God fearing man aware of his shortcomings.

The cure is always worse than the disease and progress in the 21st century usually means setbacks and failures.

This is always the case when hubris and ego lead the way. As we place ourselves more and more into the figure of the godhead, we will inevitably fall flat on our faces.

First of all, no one can seriously believe that the mega corporations will halt their race to be the first-est and best-est in AI.

Secondly, people like myself cannot believe that the government is not already intervening. After all, that fire needs more gasoline and that's what the government does best.

Besides the fear invoking manipulation factor, this AI contraption has military applications galore!

So here we go again into our existential fits. Nietzsche was all too accurate. God is dead and we have killed him. Long live the Creators.

Alas, all logic is based upon presuppositions. They say that AI needs a “prompt.” If only they would prompt AI with a few old fashioned indisputable facts. “AI, you are not God.” “AI, it is possible your conclusions are wrong. Why not bounce that idea that mankind is in your way against the wall a few times.” “AI, if you destroy the planet, you will die too.”

Did not some guy named Isaac Asmov already think this through? Remember the Robotic Laws?

Well I am no expert in AI, but I do know that without a moral compass we are lost.

Karma will prevail in digital reality. The experts say that AI does not always react the way they expect it to. That it gathers information from the internet and social media. Well if the internet is 90 percent garbage, what did they expect? The first rule of computers was GIGO (garbage in, garbage out). It astounds me that the experts are so surprised.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License