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American Thinker
American Thinker
22 Jul 2023
Monica Showalter

NextImg:After Bud Light, Dylan Mulvaney is now coming for the kids

After destroying Bud Light as a commercial brand, transgender "influencer" Dylan Mulvaney has decided it's time to influence the kids.

According to the New York Post:

Trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney is looking to cash in on her newfound notoriety in the wake of the Bud Light fiasco by “booking speaking opportunities” on college campuses.

Mulvaney — who recently escaped to Peru to “feel safe” from the backlash and boycotts hounding her and the fizzling beer brand — offered up her services in an Instagram post Wednesday.

“Booking speaking opportunities for the upcoming 23/24 school year and would love to come visit,” she told her 2 million followers.

She included an email address “for serious inquiries” and added “love ya!”

Which from his own point of view, would make sense, given that it's impossible to think any major corporation would take him on as their paid influencer. Mulvaney's "influence" on Bud Light was to influence its longstanding customers to stop buying their product.

That's coincided with, at least, corporations now cutting back their DEI budgets and personnel, given how it repels potential customers.

But academia seems to move slower, and continues to be well larded with federal funds from the COVID era, plus ballooning trust funds. Given the lunacy of ideas swirling around America's wokester universities, it might just be a money-making operation for Mulvaney to replace his lost revenue from corporate sponsors.

Because he does seem to need money right now, given that and he likes to wear expensive women's clothes, in great quanitity. But the influencing gigs have all but dried up. It's also quite likely he isn't getting as many "swag bags" full of free designer stuff from the Hollywood crowd. Only an obscure hair-care company seems to have hired him to do an ad for them since the Bud Light fiasco. I doubt it's moved their needle much on sales. Not even Target wants him.

According to his Wikipedia page, he apparently draws boycotts of products wherever he goes:

Mulvaney also promoted a Nike sports bra in a sponsored post on Instagram in April 2023,[21] and in response, Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies called for a Nike boycott.[41] This was shortly thereafter followed by backlash and calls for a boycott against makeup company Maybelline after Mulvaney posted a short video of herself applying the company's products.[42]

It's only a matter of time, it seems, before rival brands start paying him to tout the other guy's products. But that hasn't happened just yet.

What better, then, than academia to fix the cash crunch?

It might work, given academia's general leftist lunacy.

That would be sweet revenge for him.

According to Creative Artists Agency, which represents him, he's available to lecture the kiddie-poos on the topics of: 

College & University
Digital Influencers
LGBTQIA+ Advocacy
Diversity⸒ Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
Women's Empowerment
Social Media

Women's empowerment? That's a doozy. This is a man, after all, who far from playing a strong corporate woman in his schtick as "a girl" as he puts it, plays a ditzy, flippant, 1950s-style Doris Day-era imitation of a woman, or a really idiotic kind of arm-candy woman promoted by Madison Avenue back in the Mad Men era. Women are supposed to hear from and be influenced by this retrograde female imitator as their means of getting empowered?

Spare us.

As for what Mulvaney does for a living, or what his educational achievement is, which might justify his addition at a credible college as a speaker, on both fronts he also comes up short. The guy lives for posting Instagram pictures of himself wearing fancy clothes. He has a big following of around 11 million people on his TikTok account and nearly 2 million on his Instagram, but let's not kid ourselves that these are all friendly follows in the wake of the Bud Light controversy. What message would he have for women on that front? To become an idle influencer instead of an academic achiever? As for education, he says he has a degree in musical theatre from a music college in Cincinnati. Not exactly impressive in terms of academic achievement there. Maybe he can play the piano somewhere.

The problem with this is that it might work, given academia's appetite for wokester lunacy. In which case, kids are going to be the losers here. Lucky kids who get to hear him placed up there on the podium as their de facto professor and influencer for the day's lessons.Somehow, the woke world always manages to give them the short end of the stick. Mulvaney will make bank and the students will waste valuable hours of their lives listening to him and getting indoctrinated into trans ideology, instead hearing from someone who can increase their knowledge base.

Lucky them.

Image: Screen shot from TikTok