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American Thinker
American Thinker
17 Feb 2024
T.L. Hesse

NextImg:A Good Government Can Take Steps To Make America Great Again

Imagine, if you will, a country before Covid, before the mass border invasion, the violence in the streets, the Marxist drift of the regime and the failing economy, creeping communism, and population replacement, all leading to one world government. What time and place would be good? How about the United States in 2018? We had a booming economy, energy independence, a strong dollar…and a president who was respected on the world stage.

What could have been done then to make it even greater and stronger, less in debt and stronger militarily? Or—and here’s an encouraging thought—could still be done even now? How about this:

Eliminate or privatize various government agencies and departments. The Post Office and TSA should be privatized and removed from government operation. They have become colossal, inefficient losers and money-wasters. Horror stories coming out of airports are widespread, and the post office is nothing more than a branch of the Democrat party aiding and abetting mail fraud in the elections.

The Department of Education is a farce. Before its creation in the 1970s, our education system was the best in the world. In 2017, it staggered in at 24th place and it’s surely lower now thanks to remote learning and wokism. Teacher unions should be eliminated as they only promote discord rather than learning with such programs as CRT and rainbow flags, gender switching, and on and on. As a result, no one is learning the basics to a passable level, and states such as Oregon are even lowering standards rather than improving student performance.

Other departments also need to be examined as to their current worth and eliminated if deemed unnecessary. Departments such as Agriculture should be moved out to where they actually grow things, perhaps to Iowa or Kansas. This would also help to break up the good old boys’ club in DC and those cocktail parties at which so much backdoor dealing takes place. With modern communication systems, there is no need for them all to be gathered in one spot, as one nuclear bomb could wipe out the entire government under the present system.

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The federal payroll should be cut drastically, much as Elon Musk did at X. After the mass filings, the company runs the same as or even better than before. And what is the worth of the EPA? How much money does it waste?

There are far too many hangers-ons in the government, ones that can’t be fired. Many people now work at home, so why not federal employees? And the nonsense that they can’t be fired has to go. In any business, if you don’t perform, you’re fired. The government should be no exception. Vacation time must be set, as with any other job, ending presidents or congressmen on vacation for 40% of their term. They were elected to work, not lie around on the beach.

Term limits must be set for all federal elected personnel. This should include term limits on Supreme Court justices and other federal judges. When the Constitution was drafted, the lack of term limits was to ensure their freedom from political pressure but no one envisioned them having forty-year terms—and they’re not free from political pressure in any event. Moreover, once judges leave the bench, they must be barred from entering politics, directly or through lobbying (including posh lobbying law firms),  or working for any corporation that has government contracts.

Balanced budgets need to be passed with no pork or secret items hidden inside, and Congress people must read bills before passing. Heck, there could even be quizzes so that they don’t cheat. All saved monies from department eliminations and employee reductions should be applied to the national debt until it is paid off.

Social Security needs to be raised to a living level, and government money now spent on frivolous or nefarious research redirected to it. There seems to be plenty of money for everything but caring for our seniors in the last stages of their lives. And absolutely no money for those who haven’t paid into it such as illegals.

Foreign aid monies would be applied to the national debt for the next ten years and a flat tax on all earnings will be applied to all, with no need for tax returns and deductions. Alternatively, a national sales tax would work as well, since that would do away with people hiding or finagling what their earnings are. The federal government must respect state’s rights.

The military should be a top priority in both equipment and manpower. All woke material will be discarded; people with mental illness, no matter how politically correct their mental illness is, must be drummed out; and all enlisted personnel should be trained to fight. Woke officers would be purged. Fighting wars or defending the country is not a social experiment. Our enemies laugh at our military rather than fear it.

Homeland Security and, probably, the TSA (if it’s not privatized) should be operated by the military on a rotating basis of perhaps one year for each service so as to not make anyone too comfortable in the position.

Now emptied of most government, Washington DC should be made an American historical park much like Colonial Williamsburg or Mount Rushmore, run by a revamped, non-woke Park Service and guarded by the military if necessary. This would be a great place for the Garden of American Heroes to be placed. The city government itself should be disbanded and run by the park service as well. (And yes, that does require a Constitutional amendment but we’re dreaming big here.) No mayor, council, D.C. Police, or courts are needed, as all have proven themselves incompetent. The federal courts would have jurisdiction over all legal matters.

All illegal aliens should be deported (it can be done), and anyone caught knowingly harboring illegal aliens would be charged with a federal felony and receive mandatory jail time. Illegals cannot vote, even locally, and doing so would require jail followed by deportation. People seeking legal immigration wait 20 years or more while these illegal aliens are welcomed in and given food, shelter, credit cards, ID cards, and on and on.

Electric vehicles would be a matter of personal choice, and all laws forcing them on the public would be erased on the ground that they unconstitutionally interfere with commerce. Gas and oil would be domestically produced with the strategic oil reserve full and hands-off except in times of actual war.

Schools would have the pledge of allegiance recited every day, civics would be taught, and rainbow/racist materials would be discarded. Teachers would be monitored to ensure that none are using their classrooms to attack America or foist their personal rainbow and racist values on students. Cameras should be installed in every classroom so parents can log in and view what’s happening whenever they want.

Unruly behavior by citizens or students would be addressed immediately, along with shoplifting and looting. The penalties must be high to get a handle on these things.

Those federal agencies that haven’t been eliminated, need to be cleaned out like the Augean stables: thoroughly and ruthlessly. If the employees do not take their work seriously or if they act in a partisan manner, they’re fired. Those who remain must understand that their jobs will be terminated for inadequate or biased performance—just as would be the case in the private sector.

We cannot continue on the path we’ve been traveling. Our government no longer sees itself as the curator of a thriving America, made up of happy and prosperous citizens. Indeed, it’s committed to overt (abortion and birth control) and covert (weird vaccines, lab-created diseases) population control. It’s selling our enemies land close to our military bases. And of course, it’s flooding our country with unvetted illegal aliens, many of whom carry medieval diseases, many of whom are military-aged men from hostile nations, and all of whom are a drain on the system without adding to our wealth or cultural quality.

As Brian Wilson wrote in his 1966 Beach Boy song, “Wouldn’t it be nice to live together in the kind of world where we belong”? I’m asking, wouldn’t it? Could any of this happen? Should any of this happen? Or am I just a dreamer?

If the country were to return to close to sanity—something possible now only if the Democrats get voted out of the White House and Congress-- could all or at least some of these things happen? Or, like lemmings, are we blindly going to continue to march off the cliff of freedom?