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American Thinker
American Thinker
2 Sep 2023
Andrea Widburg

NextImg:A distraught ‘transgender’ person’s video brings important truths to light

I was tootling through X this morning, looking for interesting things to share with you. What stood out was a video of a tearful woman complaining at great length about the horror of being misgendered at a gay bar. It was quite funny, of course, but it was also illuminating. First, it suggested that homosexuals have had it with transgenders. Second, it spoke to the incredible importance of a world with visible boundaries in terms of behavior and identity.

Here's the video. It’s long (almost three minutes) but so darn funny that I was kind of mesmerized. Through her sobs, you learn that this woman went to a gay bar, some male employees called her and her friend “ladies,” she had a temper tantrum, she got kicked out of the bar, and now she’s reveling in her emotions. As I said, comedy gold:

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Before I get to my main points, I must agree with this sobbing mess of a woman on one point: She’s no lady. (If you know the venerable “that was no lady; that was my wife” joke, you just heard a mental rim shot.)

Also, did you catch the daddy issue? “It felt like a dad yelling at you. Oh, my God!” I remain convinced that much of what’s going on today with transgenderism is too few fathers in children’s lives.

The first thing to notice about this video is that employees at a gay bar were unimpressed by someone’s gender statement. This is important because the transgender movement will be severely weakened if the lesbians and gays kick it out of the fold—and they’d be right to do so. Gay and lesbian are sexual orientations that have existed for as long as humans have recorded their behavior. So-called transgenderism is the newest flavor of mental illness.

Also, so-called transgenderism is being used to erase gays and lesbians. Effeminate boys are being told that, rather than being homosexuals, they’re girls. To achieve that, they’re being chemically castrated and surgically mutilated. Meanwhile, masculine girls are being told that, rather than being lesbians, they’re boys, after which they’re chemically sterilized and surgically mutilated. No anti-gay movement could have done a better job of erasing homosexuality than the transgender cult.

If the men at a gay bar are refusing to acknowledge some hysterical woman’s claim that she is, in fact, one of the boys or, at least, not one of the girls, good for them! This is a step in the right direction because it’s a dawning recognition of normalcy.

The next point is that this is what “privilege” does to you: It erases the external pressures that help keep people sane.

Watching this woman, all I could think of was fascinating history books about insanity amongst European royals over the centuries. Some of these royals were genetically insane because they were so inbred. However, it’s obvious that a great deal of the insane behavior came about because royal children were raised without any boundaries. From Day One, they were surrounded by obsequious (and often terrified courtiers) who gave them everything.

Children need boundaries, including the security of someone who knows better than they do and is watching out for them. My analogy has always been that children are like passengers on an airplane. Knowing their helplessness as they sit in a tin can hurtling through space, they’ll periodically act out specifically to hear the pilot’s voice over the intercom telling them to straighten up so he can fly right. If that voice isn’t there, they’ll push their way into the cockpit to take control, naively unaware of the fact that their limited abilities mean there’s a good chance disaster awaits.

Thanks to leftism, we have a generation of young people who have been raised to believe that the biological boundary of male and female doesn’t exist. They’ve also been told that, if they reject the gender binary, they are special. That rejection elevates them to being sensitive, and intelligent, along with being deeply cool and important human beings. Like royalty of old, they have been denied the structure all humans need to develop normally…and that way lies madness.

And, of course, the Oprahfication of the world—that is, the elevation of emotion over reason—encourages this type of behavior. ‘Nuff said.

Watching this fluffy, hyper-feminine, hysterical woman sob about being defined by her appearance was very funny, but it was also very sad. Reality always overtakes fantasy. The problem is that, if the fantasy is allowed to go on too long, a lot of people get hurt—and worse, if the fantasy is allowed to overtake an entire society, that can lead to societal collapse when reality finally pops the sparkly bubble.

Image: X screen grab (edited).