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American Thinker
American Thinker
11 Feb 2023
Monica Showalter

NextImg:Senior-momenting with 'Where the hell is he?' Joe Biden

Joe Biden was out and about having another "senior moment."

According to Bob Hoge at RedState:

President Joe Biden hosted the National Governors Association Winter Meeting in the East Room of the White House Friday, and he couldn’t resist the temptation to toss out one of his trademark not-off-the-cuff quips.

“Every time I hear ‘the President of the United States,’ I look around and say, ‘Where the hell is he?’” Biden said. The line apparently failed, as very few in the room laughed and some looked confused or concerned.

Which is telling enough. Biden has regularly been caught in "senior moments" even as he seems to deny that his faculties are declining. He gets caught being flummoxed or in a garbled gaffe, and then goes on to get caught in another, all the while saying "watch me" when challenged on the matter on a rare occasion by a reporter. He forgets which day of the week it is. He forgets which state he's in. He forgets which country he's in. He calls Kamala Harris the president and Chuck Schumer the Senate Minority Leader. He forgets where he's going and has to be guided off-stage by a child.

Hoge points out that the Biden attempt at humor fell flat, for a very good reason:

... although he’s made similar jests in the past, it points to a larger problem: many don’t believe the President is really in charge—including seemingly himself. This is due to his frequent mangling of the English language, jokes like these which imply he doesn’t even really feel like he’s the Commander in Chief, and the widespread belief that his handlers and his wife Jill are actually running the country.

That conclusion is only strengthened when Biden admits he wanted to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon on a Wednesday but was told to wait by the Pentagon, who finally blasted it out of the sky a few days later. Similarly, he’s frequently talked about not being “allowed” to do something, and his advisors won’t “let him” answer any more reporters’ questions:

Hoge's piece is very funny and takes us all through the implications of Joe's growing senility.

All the same, it's not completely satisfactory. If Joe were really that gone, he'd be at the dog tracks right now and cackling Kamala would be measuring the White House drapes.

As Joe plays the pretend-dotard with the real dotard uncomfortably close, there's also Joe the power-monger, the mean creep, the election cheat, the persecutor of dissidents, the suer of the Little Sisters of the Poor, the flaming liar, the plagiarist, the pocket-lining "big guy," the hypocrite, and the guy who would cling to power at any price, revving up as he is his 2024 re-election bid, even as most Americans of all parties don't want him.

Those aren't quite senile qualities even though some of them suggest a man who's out of touch, or someone who's believed his own lies for so long he can no longer distinguish them from truth. That's a character flaw, made uglier with age. But it's not actual senility with no recognition of reality at all.

Joe's out of touch all right, but only on external things. Biden has just enough 'there' to know how to fight for his own survival. He's running for re-election against all common sense which should keep the prosecutors away. He tells us what a great job he's doing, the full gaslights blowing, such as at the State of the Union. He has his moments of lucidity and maybe it's some kind of drug-taking that enables it.

But he's fundamentally a flawed creature with just enough rat-like canniness to keep himself in power. No Democrat seriously challenges that, because the only thing Democrats respect at all is power.

Biden's stupid claim about not knowing where he is is probably some kind of trolling to get a rise out of conservatives. In reality, his corrupt core knows how to stay on its axis. But senility floats around him like a miasma.

Image: Twitter screen shot 

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