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By Perpetual Learner
4 Nov 2018


ast Saturday I was in reflection over the packages sent to a bunch of folks on the left & their supporters (was that really only a week ago?). The synagogue shooting hadn’t yet occurred and I was thankful no one was harmed. This Saturday, I’m weary, prayerful & frustrated.

Personally, I have no idea how Trump can keep going, his enthusiasm, energy & work ethic are unmatched. How does he rise above people calling him Hitler? We aren’t discussing unknown names from the fringes of society here & they do it <I>all the time</i>. Do these individuals believe this is creating enough derision that nobody will support politicians willing to forward Trump’s agenda? Have <I>none</I> of them seen the hordes of people showing up for his rallies?

I have no idea when it became acceptable to compare a sitting US President to Hitler & equate the US to Hitler’s Germany. I’ve not seen bonfires burning books or anyone walking around with A Star of David sewn onto a coat lapel. I haven’t heard the Gestapo pounding down front doors & forcing men, women & children into ghettos & pilfering their homes of valuables. I’ve yet to hear Trump proclaim he’s going to invade other countries in a desire for world dominance or that he wants to eradicate any ethnicity from within our country. In all the reading I’ve done on WWII, and it’s been extensive, do I ever recall Hitler saying anything positive about Israel or the Jewish people & I doubt very much he’d grieve with a Jewish community after a tragedy. If Trump is planning to build concentration camps with efficient methods for mass genocide they must be really super, duper secret plans. There will be no mass graves found, no mound of shoes piled seemingly to the skies of people he ordered killed. These are only a few of the things a <i>real</i> man <i>really</I> did & I find these continual comparisons abhorrent, it dilutes the reality of what <I>did</I> happen. It’s disrespectful to the memories to those who died & the families who still carry the scars. To proclaim our border agents & ICE agents are the same as the men who carried out Hitler’s orders isn’t only inappropriate, it’s proven to be dangerous. These exaggerations are for maximum impact to diminish Trump & they know damn well it’s not true.

I realize emotions are high. I understand there’s a lot at stake for our country based on these midterms. I can comprehend how much someone can dislike a President, despise even, I spent 8 years with a borderline unhealthy dislike for Obama, I literally can’t stand to see or hear that man speak. I can tell you, with a hand on my recently deceased father’s Bible, I never once called Obama Hitler. I never believed him capable of mass genocide. I never would have encouraged an attempted coup nor doubted the legitimacy of his Presidency. I would never have openly called for nor encouraged resistance or anything that would create an unstable country.

Trump isn’t calling for our troops to shoot on site, he’s not implying the people will starve. He’s never once said immigrants aren’t welcome to our country. Since this caravan began, he’s been asking Mexico & the countries of origin to stop it. He’s given warning after warning for them to turn around. I don’t believe Trump wants a showdown, he wants it fixed & so do a large percentage of Americans. He’s given fair warning & they’re being defiant & at times confrontational. What exactly would these bleeding hearts have him do? Whether it happens next week or next month is irrelevant, it needs fixed & yet the MSM would have you believe the issue is healthcare. I pray Trump has the elected support system he needs to repair these laws & keeps the US in her forward momentum, the alternative is downright frightening.