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11 Oct 2018
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"Fear is not a proper motivator": Michelle Obama rebukes Hillary and Holder

A welcome comment after the attack of the zombie Obama alums this week, but whether or not fear is a “proper” motivator, it’s certainly a good motivator. Voters don’t show up on Election Day to say “thank you” to the people in power, as Corey Lewandowski said a few months ago to the NYT — or at least they don’t in an era in which partisan affiliations are chosen mainly for “negative” reasons. They show up because they’re angry at the other side or convinced they stand to lose something precious if their side doesn’t prevail. That’s why for every “tax cuts!” message pitched at Republican voters this fall, there are 20 messages along the lines of “they smeared Kavanaugh!” or “they’re going to impeach Trump!” or “Antifa’s coming!”

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