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22 Sep 2018
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88-Year-Old Carjacking Victim Says She’d Like To ‘Kill That S.O.B.’


An elderly woman was knocked to the ground and robbed of her car and her purse in a Walmart parking lot.

Gloria Kevelighan is battered and bruised – and talking about happened to her

“He pushed me and I fell flat on my face,” she said. “I hit my head, I was bleeding and everything.”

It was Tuesday afternoon and Gloria had just parked her car in a handicapped parking spot at the Walmart on Plymouth in Livonia.

She got out of her 2017 Ford Escape and that was when she was attacked.

“It was traumatic but it happened in seconds,” she said. “It happened before I knew what was happening.

“I had my purse on my arm and he kept pulling so I finally let go, you know. I’m a mess but I’m alive and that’s the important thing.”

The suspect is a 38-year-old man from Sterling Heights, stole Gloria’s purse and her SUV.

Investigators say he nearly ran her over when he drove away. A witness followed the stolen vehicle but lost sight of it in the area of Joy Road and Beech Daly.

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